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2nd graders – Making new friends

2nd grade field trip
This 2nd grade group is starting the day in a listening circle

A lively group of 2nd graders joined us for teambuilding challenges recently. They had an opportunity to help each other with low ropes challenges. These are all activities on the ground. Students learned to support each other while takimg turns crossing bridges, cables and logs. Activities were designed to be appropriate for their age and abilty. Just challenging enough to keep them interested but not too difficult to be frustrating.

They had assistance in making new friends- a key component in anti bullying. Students were mixed up in groups from the same class, but not necessarily with all their closest friends. As they worked through the day, laughing and having fun- new friendships developed naturally. Our facilitators help by guiding the process.

Its very different than just a day on a playground. Here, many students that struggle in standard classroom learning will excel in the hands on environment of the challenge course. This allows classmates to see positive qualities, such as leadership, planning and problem solving, that they may not have seen be fore in another. When youth get to know each other while sharing fun experiences, they are better able to get along throughout the school year.

Its not too late for an anti-bullying session on course- we are open year round !

Hope to see your students soon,

Cynthia Paris , manager Team COA


Adventure Racers arrive at ropes challenge course in wisconsin!

We were happy to welcome the MAFF adventure racers back to the Wisconsin ropes course this fall ! They arrived on bikes and needed to complete 3 challenges as a team: power pole adventure jump, multivine high climb adventure, and a low element teambuilding challenge.

To the next challenge !

Up on a wire !

From the Challenge Course they continued by bikes to their next site’s challenge. This fun loving group had 8hours of adventure throughout the Lake Country.


Looking for something fun to get you off the couch after a big Holiday meal?

Let us plan a challenge course adventure for you and your friends this winter.

No need to be an extreme athlete- we can offer adventures for beginners too.

Come join us for a unique experience for your team or family adventure.

Would love you to join us ,

See you soon,

Cynthia Paris, COA Manager

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Autumn on the challenge course

High school youth group on Ropes course

High school youth group on Ropes course

On a recent autumn day we had a great time with a high school group on the ropes course. Here, they are working through a team challenge on elevated wire, with the assitance of an elephant-shaped mini-chalkboard. The elephant joined us to ‘remember’ their chosen goals. It became a great way to keep focus  as we moved throughout the day of teambulding and problem solving

At the start, the group discussed what areas they felt needed work, and added to the board. After each activity, everyone had a chance to share a specific example of the concept in action.

Find out how your group could benefit from an interactive session.

Beat the indoor winter blues- we are outdoors year- round !

(Or if you prefer, we have indoor programming too)

Hope to have you join us soon!

 – Cynthia Paris -COA Manager

Youth Group Teambuilding on Challenge Course

We were pleased to have a fun group of 8th graders teambuilding on course today. Most of the class have spent years together at this K-8 school.The challenge of the day was to see each other in new ways while working on communication and leadership. Our ” Flying Squirrel ” activity gives a chance for the group to work together. Attached to harnesses, the team moves backward across the lawn, pulling a classmate up into the air ! It takes coordination and effort to walk and move together. Every few minutes, they lifted another classmate up into the air amid squeals of delight . It was wonderful to see them having so much fun, while learning valuable leadership skills !

Hope to see your group this fall or winter on course ! 

– Cynthia Paris , COA manager 

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