Is your team meeting virtually more these days? Feeling some burnout or stress?

Need a break to re-energize?  Feel inspired and relaxed with Group Laughter Yoga.

Quick break to breathe, laugh and be mindful
Laughter stress relief
Ha Ha Ha – Laughter Yoga big stretch- re-energize

Sessions are designed to boost mood, beat stress and afterward improve everyone’s productivity. Either for a quick break or choose a longer session with mindfulness meditation or guided relaxation.

*45minute guided relaxation; mindfulness; Laughter Yoga

*Simple stress relief 15-20minute break

*Playful interaction

During these unprecedented times, you and your team have stressors and uncertainty from every direction. We can help with a private session for your team.

*2hour teambuilding; workplace mindfulness

*Boost mood & provide ongoing wellness

* 15-2minute weekly sessions

Know someone interested in becoming a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader ? ( Laughter Guide )

Online training is now available! 

We are now hosting small class size training online zoom. 

Classes meet approx 1- 1.5 hours over a few weeks

Train with Cynthia: Founding Director, Laughter Yoga USA; Laughter Yoga Midwest & international speaker of LY

Cynthia was taught by the Medical Doctor in India who created Laughter Yoga- Dr Madan Kataria. Laughter Yoga is practiced in over 100 countries and has many scientific studies that demonstrate the numerous benefits. It is literally the fastest way to oxygenate your brain and entire body- faster even than running and other strenuous sports!