Youth activity breaks in-person, online & zoom

During this time of Covid-19 -we are offering more online interactive program options for your youth.

We can help you with playful breaks, teamwork, challenges, mindfulness for students and group laughter yoga.  

Sessions from 15minutes to a few hours – designed to fit your schedule and group dynamics. Visit the youth tab above for a variety of options

teamwork in classroom

students work together

Team COA- Center for Organizational Advancement- encourages a year round program designed to meet your experiential educational needs.

Sessions are held at your school in a classroom, in gym or outdoors.
Activities are designed for interactive learning and energizing fun.

Popular requests focus on respect, teamwork, leadership, collaboration or communication.

We bring one or two Team COA facilitators to your location, and provide hands-on high-energy experiences for your group of youth. While participating in these programs, students will explore one of several topics in a fun and engaging way.

Sessions are held in your classroom, library, gymnasium or outdoors on lawn. Our most popular program is a total of 3 partial day sessions during the school year. ( 2 sessions held during a standard class period with a half day morning or afternoon session held in a larger space such as a gymnasium or lawn)

Motivational experience topic examples:

  • Making new friends             *Anti Bullying & Diversity Inclusion

  • Leadership                           *Working together & Teambuilding

  • Making choices                    *Communication & Listening

  • Mindfulness                          *Other – topic of your choice

Regardless of the topic chosen, activities will encourage respect for others, cooperation and teamwork.  We assist you in creating sessions for your group at your school or community site. Contact to reserve a date this fall.

youth teamwork and critical thinking

Youth group works together on a team challenge

5th grade antibully & teambuilding

Getting to know each other.