Programs are held at your hotel, conference center, business location or one of our suggested retreat sites.


Our 3 most popular retreat spaces:

  • West of Milwaukee ( between Madison & Milwaukee)

  • Lake Geneva (between Milwaukee and Chicago)

  • Northeast Chicago (on the lake)

West of Milwaukee: For a unique retreat feel close to Milwaukee- we utilize a lodge in the woods near Delafield, WI. With a cozy fireplace, it is available year round with both indoor and outdoor program space.


Lake Geneva (between Milwaukee and Chicago)

For our Extreme Goals- business challenge programs we utilize a Challenge Course in Lake Geneva. This 2 day program for business teams interested in pushing their motivation to the next level. This outdoor, natural setting is home to high climbing and zip line elements. All events are facilitated by trained staff to enhance learning, team building and skills development. This is more than a playground!


Northeast Chicago (on the lake)

This recently remodeled retreat style hotel is directly on Lake Michigan!


All types of venues can be teambuilding locations:






interactive activity during a convention
Meeting Welcome & Energizer