Is your team meeting virtually more these days? Feeling some burnout or stress? Need a break to re-energize? 

We can engage your team with interactive experiences designed to boost mood , beat stress and improve productivity. We facilitate online, zoom sessions from 15 minute meeting breaks to 45 minutes or a few hours.

During this time of Covid-19- we are hosting more sessions of all types online and interactive on zoom or other host sites.

Contact us to design sessions to assist your group

Teambuilding, stress relief, mindfulness, guided relaxation, facilitation, group laughter, laughter yoga and more! What does your adult of youth group need right now?

We can help!  Contact us for sessions such as:

——— a simple stress relief- 15 minute meeting break with playful interaction

——— 50 minute guided relaxation;  mindfulness; laughter yoga

——— 2 hour networking and teambuilding session; mindfulness in the workplace; communication styles

——— 15-20 minute weekly sessions- boost mood & provide ongoing support 

———Custom length sessions that fit around your team’s schedule