Workplace Wellness for Smart & Healthy Teams

Custom topics designed for your unique team  or choose some of our popular themes:  

During this time of Covid-19- we are hosting more sessions of all types online and interactive on zoom or other host sites.

Contact us to design sessions to assist your group !

Teambuilding, stress relief, mindfulness, guided relaxation, facilitation, group laughter, laughter yoga and more! What does your adult of youth group need right now?

We can help.  Contact us for sessions such as:

——— a simple stress relief- 15 minute meeting break with playful interaction

——— 50 minute guided relaxation;  mindfulness; laughter yoga; building emotional imtelligence

——— 2 hour networking and teambuilding session; mindfulness in the workplace; communication styles

——— Custom length sessions that fit around your team’s schedule


Mindfulness for the Workplace

2 day retreats, 1 day workshops, 1/2 day mini-workshop or weekly series 60-90min session

Learn to focus attention, reduce automatic emotional response and judgement, set goals, foster acceptance, limit ego- based conflict and integrate mindful techniques into daily life.

click here to go to:  Mindfulness for workplace


Stress Relief- Lets Have a good Laugh!

Are you overwhelmed, stressed and tired? Do you need a boost to energize your day?

Meeting Workshop, conference or mini-break,

50-90min sessions in person, 15-40min sessions on zoom online


Join us for an interactive session of Group Laughter. A simple, easy and fun way to relieve stress alone or with your office mates that is based on Laughter Yoga principles. This session will have opportunities to move around or you can be seated. It’s a fun and scientifically proven way to boost your oxygen levels, lower your stress and elevate your mood!

Learning objectives: Basic techniques to quickly energize; Ideas for implementing easy stress relief for your entire office; Feel good !


Group Laughter / Laughter Yoga: 

Laugh together with lighthearted sessions standing or seated. No humor or jokes- learn to laugh for no reason!  Feel good , lower your stress, and have more creativity. Great for meeting breaks and mini-retreats. 15min-40min online zoom or 30-90minutes in person sessions

We also offer Certified Laughter Yoga Leader 2-day training- now available online! 

CLYT is for facilitation professionals such as teachers, social workers, human resources, medical professionals and senior caregivers. If you need a shorter training, we offer 1 day session- Laughter Guide (without certification)

If you work or volunteer for a non-profit- contact us about details on low-cost or free training.

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