Conflict Resolution & Intervention  – Corporate Teambuilding

This phase focuses on the underlying issues that prevent teams from working effectively. The experience is based on the results of the assessment tool chosen by the team representative. After the experience the team will implement developed skills to make positive team changes.

Assessment tool options include:

  • Communication style                         *Team survey
  • Leadership                                         *Communication
  • Accountability

 Who should attend?

  • Existing teams that need skill development or mediation
  • Groups that want to review team skills
  • Teams that want to focus on a specific skill

How the process works

  • The team representative meets with COA staff to choose the appropriate assessment tool and outline specific goals for the program.
  • The team representative decides whether or not each team member will meet with COA facilitators individually to determine goals and to plan a customized course of action.
  • Each participant completes the chosen assessment tool survey.
  • The team participates in a variety of experience based learning activities.
  • Each participant determines how the skills will be implemented in the workplace as an individual and as a group.

After this experience we recommend our Integration which supports the team’s efforts to put the learning into action at the workplace.

Time commitment: 1-2 days

The initial tasks will be relatively easy and will become progressively more challenging as the day and experience continues. We ask that participants come to the experience with an open mind and a willingness to learn about themselves and their team.