Conflict Resolution & Intervention


Focuses on the underlying issues that prevent working together effectively.
Does your group interrupt each other? Get bogged down in meetings without any resolution?
Does one department wage mini-wars with another?
Do individuals complain they cant work with this person or that person?
These are just some of the signs that can lead to conflict in the workplace

How the process works

    • Manager, HR, or other organizer meets with Team COA  to discuss identified conflicts or to implement an assessment survey to uncover concerns
    • If requested, individuals can meet with Team COA for brief interviews to determine their view of conflicts and goals
    • The department or business team participates in a variety of experience-based learning activities during half-day, full-day, or 2 half-day sessions.
    • A session may include a Communication styles tool if the group needs to understand each other’s differences and learn ways to flex as needed
    • The Mindful Workplace is another effective training module to reduce conflict by controlling automatic responses
  • Each participant determines how the skills will be implemented in the workplace as an individual and as a group.
After this experience, we recommend follow-up after 30-60 days, to support the team’s efforts to put the learning into action. Follow-up can be a half-day session or held during a meeting.
The initial tasks will be relatively easy and will become progressively more challenging as the day and experience continue. We ask that participants come to the experience with an open mind and a willingness to learn about themselves and their team.