EQ – EI & Emotional Intelligence Training

In recent years, the workplace has been introduced to EI-Emotional intelligence. It has been a popular construct in the field of psychology and now is used for individuals and group enhancement. Often, we show “EI” measured as EQ- Emotional Quotient. Individuals And Teams Benefit From Interactive Training To Develop And Build This Skill.

People who score high in “EQ” are considered to have high Emotional Intelligence when interacting with others. This skill can be enhanced with directed focus & understanding.

Benefits of EQ training include:

Ability to handle everyday stress in the workplace

Less conflict at work

 More awareness in social interactions

Higher levels of wellbeing

Greater number of positive relationships           

Emotional Intelligence training allows Opportunity for you and your team to Have fun while improving your Skills

We customize sessions for your specific work team, leadership, and other specialized applications.

EQ, EI-  Emotional Intelligence Intro: 1-2 hour seminar- perfect for conferences, retreats, or staff meetings

EQ, EI-  Emotional Intelligence half-day training: 2-4 hour session

EQ, EI-  Emotional Intelligence series: 1-2 hour sessions designed for in-depth training, 4- 8 sessions