EQ – EI & Emotional Intelligence Training

Over the past 20 years, emotional intelligence (EI), (measured as Emotional Quotient EQ) has become a popular construct in the field of psychology and beyond. Individuals and teams benefit with EQ-EI training and practice at home and work. 

People who score high in EQ are considered to have high Emotional Intelligence and:

are better able to handle everyday stress

have a greater number of positive relationships

are more socially competent

report higher levels of well being

Emotional Intelligence training will allow you and your team to improve ability to:

notice and understand emotions in co-workers, clients and others

notice and understand your own emotions

effectively regulate those emotions

use emotions to facilitate improved performance


Recommended Sessions:

All sessions can be customized for work teams, leadership and specialized applications

EQ, EI- Emotional Intelligence: 

1-2 hour seminar- perfect for conferences, retreats or during a staff meeting

EQ, EI- Emotional Intelligence series:

1-2 hour sessions designed for in depth training, 4- 8 sessions recommended

EQ, EI- Emotional Intelligence half day training

2-4 hour session