This level is for teams who benefit from on-site consultation to continue developing advanced team skills, including conflict resolution, personality conflicts, team dysfunction and follow through. The group will learn to transfer valuable skills to the organization by implementing significant positive change through professionally facilitated activities.
Who should attend?
  • Teams with specific issues to be resolved
  • Groups who want support in implementing their commitment to being an effective work team
  • Teams along with their clients and/or suppliers that want to develop an improved working relationship
  • Also for Teams who have experienced our conflict resolution or integration and are ready to move forward.
How the integration process works:
  • Your team meets with COA staff to determine goals and plan a customized course of action.
  • Your team chooses to participate in the following:
    • In-depth skill development
    • Resolution of dysfunctional team behavior
    • Customer or peer relationship development
    • Team assessment
The team works with facilitators to plan specific work-related integration activities that can bring lasting changes to the organization. This step involves the facilitators visiting the workplace to support the team’s efforts.
Time commitment: Varies depending on the needs of the team, typically 1 day
The initial tasks will be relatively easy and will become progressively more challenging as the day and experience continue. We ask that participants come to the experience with an open mind and a willingness to learn about themselves and their team.