Conference Options:
Featured Speaker
4-6hr presentation; includes workbooks, handouts and other materials:

The Mindful Workplace; Understanding Other’s Communication Style and Custom topics by request

Highlighted Speaker
2-3.5hr Presentation; includes handouts & materials:

The Mindful Workplace; Laughter at Work; Growth Mindset; Easy to remember Behavior/ Personality styles Custom topics by request

Mini Workshops
50-90min session, based on schedule. Custom designed topic or choose from:

The Mindful Workplace; Group Laughter Yoga; Get Moving-Get Re-energized!

Zoom tips & tricks; There is an “I” in Teamworking

Facilitating breaks & Discussion sessions
15min- 50min -Mid-day break, Facilitated lunch or dinner

Stretch and Move; Fast Laugh Blast; Getting to know each other; Processing the Experience

Networking- Simple Activities to Engage and Custom topics by request

  • Olympic Rings Large group