2nd graders – Making new friends

2nd grade field trip
This 2nd grade group is starting the day in a listening circle

A lively group of 2nd graders joined us for teambuilding challenges recently. They had an opportunity to help each other with low ropes challenges. These are all activities on the ground. Students learned to support each other while takimg turns crossing bridges, cables and logs. Activities were designed to be appropriate for their age and abilty. Just challenging enough to keep them interested but not too difficult to be frustrating.

They had assistance in making new friends- a key component in anti bullying. Students were mixed up in groups from the same class, but not necessarily with all their closest friends. As they worked through the day, laughing and having fun- new friendships developed naturally. Our facilitators help by guiding the process.

Its very different than just a day on a playground. Here, many students that struggle in standard classroom learning will excel in the hands on environment of the challenge course. This allows classmates to see positive qualities, such as leadership, planning and problem solving, that they may not have seen be fore in another. When youth get to know each other while sharing fun experiences, they are better able to get along throughout the school year.

Its not too late for an anti-bullying session on course- we are open year round !

Hope to see your students soon,

Cynthia Paris , manager Team COA