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All the fonts you ever wanted.

The theme draws its fonts from the Google fonts directory. This means that you have about 190 different custom font families to your disposal.

Whilst this theme makes use of one of them, you can change it with a few clicks. You can take a look at the fonts available in the google fonts directory here

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Widgets Galore

The theme features oodles of custom widgets at your disposal.

Countdown timer

A Custom countdown timer is available for your sidebar. This is used to draw visitors attention to your next show.

The countdown timer counts down to the next event in your calendar. There is also a upcomming shows widget to add your upcoming shows everywhere.

Twitter widget

Say hello to the intelligent Twitter widget. The widget makes use of caching and will always show your tweets no matter if Twitter is down or you reached your quota.

The widget is available as a single tweet or multiple tweet widget, and enables favorites, re-tweets and replies instantly.


Video Widget

Add Vimeo and Youtube videos to the sidebar with lightning speed. This widget adds your videos in a matter of seconds.and without hassle.

This is not to be confused with the video shortcode that will allow videos in posts.


Newsletter Widget

A fast and beautiful way to collect subscribers to your newsletters.


Social widget

This widget is used for fast links to your social networks.



Gallery widget

The supercool gallery widget is used as a link to one of your galleries. With its mini slideshow it’s sure to catch the eye.

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Advanced Google Maps integration

The site makes use of proper Google maps integration featuring roadmaps, streetmaps and Googles direction service right on your website.

Our Maptool will assist you in setting up your Google maps in no time.

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Vimeo & Youtube videos

Foodmenu items

[foodmenu title=”Lorem ipsum” price=”$5-00″ desc=”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin neque arcu, venenatis eu sagittis ut, pulvinar eu erat. Donec ullamcorper diam non risus tempor eleifend.”]

Gallery Shortcode

[shortgallery title=”Norah Jones @ Feast – pics” gallerynumber=”341″ pics=”4″]

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Custom background manager

The theme features support for the WordPress custom background manager, enabling the upload of custom backgrounds.

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Available in your Language

Full internationalisation support makes this theme easily translatable in your language.

Just get a po-file editor like poedit and translate the theme without any tears.

The calendar conforms to your WordPress standard locale settings.