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Mindfulness for workplace

The Mindfulness Workplace Sessions:

mindfulness at work

The mindful workplace

  • The Mindful Leader-2 day retreat
  • The Mindful Workplace- 1 day mini retreat ; 1/2 day workshop
  • The Mindful Workplace Series- 4- 8 weeks and can be structured in half days or during shorter 1-2 hour meetings
  • Mindfulness sessions are designed to be experienced with a combination of workshop learning, activities, discussion and social interaction. Participants develop competency in mindfulness techniques and learn application within their business.
  • Mindfulness training is also successful as a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly series. Participants will learn concepts and practice skills during each session.  Some people retain new concepts better with days in-between sessions to practice in ‘real life’.

Mindfulness training can reduce stress and conflict

Some topics covered within The Mindful Workplace sessions:

Attention & the Now  –In this session, participants discover the two most important building block of mindfulness: attention and the present moment. Work stress can zap productivity and limit creativity. Being in present moment allows for clear minded decision making.
Automatic Thoughts – Experience the automatic nature of thoughts and how these thoughts in turn automatically cause emotions to emerge. Press pause to effectively shift from auto-response to thoughtful reply. Workplace conflict and stress is reduced.


In this session, participants experience the judgmental nature of their mind,its problematic aspects and how to remove these obstacles to ‘open awareness’. Learning to notice when judging self or others interferes with working at best potential.
Clarify the essence of acceptance by learning to apply acceptance to difficult emotions. Understanding that the goal is not to allow poor behavior but rather to allow emotions to pass and move on.
In this session, mindfulness is introduced as the key for finding a balance between being in the present moment and planning for the future.

Participants experience their inner critic. Basic  skills on how to  effectively cultivate a friendly and caring relationship with themselves and those around them
In this session, several exercises allow participants to experience the difference between the self as a story they hold and the self as an observer.
In this final session, participants will discover the connection between all covered mindfulness processes and focus on ways to continue integrating mindfulness in daily work life.