Back to school stress relief- Laughter in a group

School is back in session. If this brings you a combination of excitement and stress- you are not alone. Stress is estimated to affect over 80% of adults and youth. Recent surveys by the APA show 36% of teens are severely overwhelmed by stress.  As the school year progresses with tests, papers and social pressures-these numbers increase!

Laughter and meditation are two ways to reduce stress and improve overall wellness. Team COA is offering options with both for your classroom youth or teacher group.

Group Laughter Yoga sessions are held right in the classroom or in a cafeteria or lawn space. This is not a humor- based session or comedy show. Instead of being comedians, we lead laughing exercises that any age can follow. No need for gym clothes or yoga gear- we will laugh, stretch and breathe as a group. Sessions can be held during a regular class period. Studies show Laughter Yoga reduces stress and blood pressure while improving overall wellness. Many people have noticed increased ability to focus after a session. One of the reasons might just be because laughter is the fastest way to oxygenate the blood ! Even running and athletics can not compete with Group Laughter Yoga’s oxygenating power!

Classroom meditation sessions can be held right after a Group Laughter Yoga session or can be scheduled independently. Our experience has shown that people who have never meditated before are naturally more comfortable after a hearty laughing session. Meditation is an excellent way to calm the mind and body. We lead seated meditation in the classroom or youth and adults can lay down in a carpeted space such as a library.

Contact us to schedule a stress relief session !

Look forward to working with you soon,

Cynthia Paris

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