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Real Milwaukee’s Chip Brewster at Team COA

indoor challenge course near milwaukee

Fox 6 TV- chip brewster on the High swings

Fox 6 Real Milwaukee camera man

Flying high- Miles the dedicated cameraman!


Real Milwaukee’s Chip Brewster joined us at Team COA

He climbed indoors, with our staff attending his rope- on the Bosun High Swings & the Cargo net.He had a great attitude when the swings kept spinning. From the ground- they look easy. But once you are up there- its surprising how challenging it can be. We filmed off and on while he climbed. He then worked on a partner climb on the Giants ladder. Another event that is much more challenging than expected.

As his final piece – he was lifted up on the flying squirrel- all the way to the ceiling! We lifted his cameraman up too- with the big live feed camera tied around his body. He is a dedicated guy!

For me- it was a different type of challenge. I had to manage his safety while also wondering when we were “on air” and when we were not. Because he was on a remote live feed-it wasn’t easy to know. I was caught off guard a few times- when we were prepping him to climb- but then we were actually on film. He didn’t know either- as you can see in one of the clips. Below, I have attached a link to a few clips on the Fox6now website. There are a few more clips we will post directly on our site soon.

Hopefully you find these clips entertaining- as much as my staff has. Yes –I am wearing my snow pants- but in my defense- it was really below zero & we originally planned to be outside. Watch for more goofiness during the flying squirrel – there are a few times where I look like I am dancing ballet or something! All in a day’s play.

Consider bringing your group of friends or family to Team COA this winter- You are guaranteed to have fun !

Hope to see you soon !
Cynthia Paris, Manager COA

See clips below