Just for Girls – finding your voice

Today’s post is Just for Girls

Teen and pre- teen girls are vulnerable in so many ways. They face difficult situations at home, school and out in their community. It seems that every time I turn on the news- another girl is in trouble or worse. It really has started many of us thinking about how to strengthen this generation of young woman. As we talked about it- we came up with a two things that help a girl in a difficult time.

1- Using her voice.

Speaking or yelling for help can be the difference in a bad situation. Some girls find this the hardest thing to do when afraid or threatened. Smaller stresses from school or friends can get worse when a girl stays silent.

2- Critical Thinking- Problem solving in creative ways

Being able to make choices and work through problems can get a girl out of trouble or prevent it from happening at all. Evaluating different options while thinking in clever and creative ways has helped save many in tight spots.

Hands on activity is one of the best ways to learn and the challenge course is a great place for it ! These two skills are developed by design through many of our programs already. To address the needs of Girls – we have created sessions just for them. Any group of girls- from sports teams to family or neighborhood groups- will benefit from developing skills to problem solve and use their voice !

Hope to see your girls on course soon !

Take care,
Cynthia Paris – Team COA manager

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