Foster care families enjoy Jockey’s “Being Family” conference and experiential activities

We were excited recently to host a group as part of Jockey’s Being Family Conference. The Adoption Resources of Wisconsin group planned and ran the event for adoptive & foster care youth and their families. The youth were able to enjoy the low ropes team challenges, while the parents participated in a workshop on Trauma Informed Care.  Smiling faces of children from 8years to 14years old, filled the open lawn by 9:00am as they got ready for teambuiding. Within a short time, smaller groups were divided up to head to the course. Each age group was able to work as a team on the challenges. It was a wonderfully warm day, and a few of us worried that some would lose interest in being active. Instead, we had to take a few stops for water and juice, just to encourage everyone to take a break! Walking across a cable while being supported by new found friends, was the highlight for one young girl. “I never thought I could do this good !” she exclaimed. That’s one of the miracles we see every day on course. Children, teens and adults doing something that didn’t know they could. With the support of a team- everything is possible!

Hope to see you on course soon!

Cynthia Paris, COA Manager

Teambuilding, youth activities, workshops