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Teaching children how to resolve conflict.

Team Building

Experiential learning can improve group dynamics in the workplace.

Field Trips

Valuable experience outside the classroom.

School Groups

School and Youth Groups

Team COA offers programs for school and youth groups. Sessions focus on team-related topics including leadership, motivation, adaptability, trust, cooperation, goal setting and communication.
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Team COA experiential programs can be developed for:

Youth learn teamwork and ways to support each other during an anti-bullying session near Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Youth at risk: multi-day series
  • Diversity & similarity
  • Anti-bullying and teambuilding
  • Are you listening?
  • Building self-confidence
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication
  • Group Laughter Yoga
  • Leadership development
  • End of year celebrations
  • Easy time management
  • Discover your communication style!
  • Parent/youth night
  • Health & fitness
  • Creative solutions for typical problems
  • Team drumming and percussion

Convenient & Cost effective 
We come to your school site- saving time and busing costs.Classroom, cafeteria, gymnasium or lawn.  Our facilitators bring all equipment and supplies to your school.

group-skiis  log-walkimg_8158 Teamwork on the lawn


We specialize in programs that include cooperative, trust building, and problem-solving activities followed up with debriefing sessions. Our staff have creative techniques to engage all ages.


Successes throughout the year Success thru the year program details

To enhance retention, multiple sessions will solidify learning concepts from an experiential learning day. If you have additional goals, a series of sessions can address topics, such as bullying, self esteem and leadership.

Just for Girls- Strong Girls program info

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