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Experiential learning can improve group dynamics in the workplace.

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Professional Groups

For Real results- you need a Real Experience

Team COA recognizes the obstacles that corporate groups encounter. Counterproductive group dynamics and workplace habits are quickly unmasked through experiential learning events. With this shared experience, individuals gain new insights, adopt different perspectives, build confidence, and learn to think creatively. Beyond basic corporate teambuilding, we help your group develop stronger communication skills.

We offer programs for all ability levels: For very active people and those needing unique challenges- we may suggest our ropes and challenge course events- indoors or outdoors. High performing groups often find these motivating sessions are the extra ‘push’ needed to achieve greater success.

On the other end of the spectrum we have less active sessions in a more traditional workshop style- great for staff preferring more sedentary events. We may recommend one of our combination sessions, involving seated discussion and light movement within the workshop room. Non-threatening, yet still interactive- these events are designed after discussing your group’s needs in depth.

Any business group will improve with an interactive session of some kind. Sales teams, management, human resources, front line staff, social workers, psychologists, counselors and others have experienced our events.
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  • New Teams and Annual retreats
  • Mission/vision development
  • Management & Leadership
  • Company growth or expansion
  • Staff development exercises
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Company picnics or special events
  • Annual meetings
  • Sales team development

We have custom programs or topic specific :Teambuilding, Meeting Facilitation, Leadership Development,  Conflict Resolution. Workplace wellness and stress reduction themes such as The Mindful Workplace and Group Laughter/ Laughter Yoga .

We offer four custom program levels used together or independently, designed to your objectives.
Networking reinforces basic team skills, critical thinking for the future and celebrates team success — geared for new groups or existing teams building their working relationships.
Enrichment helps intact teams identify individual skills and personal strengths, and explore ways to share resources and work across corporate barriers.
Conflict Resolution & Intervention uses assessment tools and conflict resolution techniques to mediate underlying issues that prevent teams from working effectively.
Integration is for groups who will benefit from on-site consultation to implement positive change through professionally facilitated activities.



Programs can take place at a variety of locations. We often host events at hotel ballrooms and convention centers. If your company has a training room or meeting space- we can come to you. If you want something unique- consider a Milwaukee Brewery- such as Lakefront Brewery or Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery. A Lake Geneva area lake retreat or a park setting make for am interesting outing!  Unique settings can add to the fun of a teambuilding event. Ask us for ideas near you.

We design programs based on your available space- even such unusual choices such as a warehouse space, parking lot or garage,  community building, park or nature center, sports field, restaurant, or even a bowling alley. We regularly provide programs in SE Wisconsin and N Illinois. National and International programs are available by request.

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You are welcome to contact Cynthia Paris, Director, directly to discuss your needs:  Cynthia Paris

Coporate teambuilding, sales team motivation, Workshop speaker, ropes course in Wisconsin and at your site nation-wide

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Professional Groups