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Teaching children how to resolve conflict.

Team Building

Experiential learning can improve group dynamics in the workplace.

Field Trips

Valuable experience outside the classroom.

Back to school Teambuilding and Antibullying

Back to school time is here. A great way to start the school year out positively is to bring your class out for teambuilding on the ropes course. The best way to get to know one another and work on respecting each other is through hands on interactive experience. Our sessions are led by staff and designed to develop cohesion and critical thinking throughout the group. This is very diffrenent than an unfacilitated open session at a theme park or climbing site. Our staff direct the experience and facilitate a great experience for the group. Youth do not need to be athletic or very physical. experiences are designed to provide thinking challenges alongside physical ones. All are designed in such a way that everyone can participate. Call us to reserve a fall date now !

Consider a field trip for antibullying and teambuilding

Consider a low ropes course experience to start the year learning to work together !